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5 Luscious Body Oils to Soothe Your Skin

Paulina Kajankova

My love affair with body oils is a long-standing one. I have  super-dry skin, and the cold is my enemy. I also happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, and if it wasn’t for body oils, I would come out of the shower shivering. A good body oil seals in the much-needed moisture I so desperately need. I either apply the stuff in the shower, or as soon as I step out of it. These brands have become my all-time favorites, and they each serve their own special purpose—providing me with an at-home spa feeling of smooth and freshly hydrated skin. With satisfied skin, I feel like I can take on the day.

Spa Beauty In a Bottle

I AM ORGANIC | It’s all in the name. The creator of I AM ORGANIC wanted only the best for her family, and the results speak for themselves. A bottle of I AM ORGANIC Body Oil uses either organic, natural, or wildcrafted ingredients. This oil should be your skincare staple; it is so velvety smooth and hydrating. I love all the scents, but my favorites are Citrus and Eucalyptus & Cypress Cedar. (

The Intelligent Multitasker

Biossance | I have been longing to try the Biossance 100% Squalane Oil for a while now, and with Biossance in my beauty arsenal I can rest easy knowing my skin is being moisturized by a brand with good values that puts an emphasis on science and sustainability. This oil is the multitasker because it is so weightless you won’t mind using it on your body, face, or hair. (

Best Botanical Body-care

Mullein & Sparrow | I can go on gushing about Mullein & Sparrow but the fact remains: I am passionate about this botanical skincare line. I tried the Lemongrass Mint Body Oil, and it felt extra-luxurious, firming, and hydrating. This is an elegant bottle of oil you don’t want to squander, a little goes a long way. I even like to dab it on my decolletage for its lively scent. (

On-the-go Flawless Skincare

Wally’s Natural |  Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil is a powerful bottle of oil that can be used to help reduce dry skin, stretch marks, and scars. I love that it comes with a rollerball, so you won’t get that messy oil all over your clothing or bathroom tiles. (I’m not immune to a clumsy spill here and there.) The hydration lasts all day, but the best part about this oil is that it uses USDA-certified organic ingredients. (

The Shower Perfectionist

L’Occitane | My winter showers would not be complete without L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. The brand has been with me since my college days. From the romantic French packaging design to the lovely scents, this brand knows how to create a good body oil. I look forward to transforming the oil into a delicate foam, it gives me a soothing feeling, leaving my skin feeling clean, fresh, and hydrated every single time. (,82,1,29229,806877.htm#s=56289)







Paulina Kajankova

Paulina Kajankova

A beauty and fashion blogger since 2006, Paulina Kajankova is a nature-loving country girl at heart. She is a firm believer in chemical-free products and green living and is the Associate Editor of After creating and successfully running the fashion blog le la Moda, which lead to a three-year stint as the fashion and beauty blogger at Organic Spa Magazine, Paulina turned to jewelry design. This editor, designer, and stylist has a knack for finding environmentally friendly yet posh products.