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8 Natural Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

Paulina Kajankova

When I started my first blog, in 2006, it was created with the idea of sharing my thoughts on fashion and beauty. But it was meant to do more than that—I wanted to connect with like-minded individuals and be as transparent as possible, sharing kindness and motivation. It was about individuality, wellness, and proper styling.

Back then, the options in the green beauty category were harder to find and were not considered as posh as today. It brings a smile to my face when I think of all the clean beauty available now. Even better, I see big names and major magazines treat it as everyday news, not just as an annual article paying homage to Earth Day.

Nature has much splendor to give, and innovators know the right way to package it. There is a certain elegance to opening up a beautifully designed product. Here are a few of my favorite natural products that I’m reaching for right now.


• Tata Harper Volumizing Cheek & Lip Tint – Very Vivacious

Tata Harper impresses me with its unassuming splendor of cosmetics and skincare that does what it says. This modern coral color pulls double-duty, and my lips and cheeks have never been happier. It’s really the natural ingredients and sustainable practices that won me over. This Vermont-based brand is magic and has my lifetime loyalty.

• Absolution x Christophe Danchaud Iconic Red lipstick

As a vintage loving gal, you better believe I am always on the lookout for red lipstick. Apparently this is Emma Watson’s go-to brand (she is a red lipstick queen), and I had to try it. This might just be the perfect shade for me, as well. A good organic lipstick is still hard to find, and this one really does provide an iconic lip color.

• Butter London Come to Bed Red

A red lip deserves a red nail color. I work with my hands a lot, and we all know most polishes chip pretty quickly. My nails need to be healthy, and you won’t find harsh chemicals or long-lasting gels in my beauty arsenal. Butter London withstands a lot, and this classic color is my go- o for everyday wear.

• Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover

Eventually, the nail color needs to come off. I used to have a thing for perfectly polished nails, now I give them a break. When I am ready to wear bare nails, I use Zoya’s gentle formula. It works fast and has a pleasant scent.


• Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength

The world of beauty sells a lot of peels, and I might have tried them all. I keep coming back to Juice Beauty. My first encounter with them was in 2010, and the Green Apple Peel jolts my skin back to a clean, youthful complexion. After all these years, this peel has never lost its strength—my skin’s texture instantly improves, leaving me with an even and smooth surface.

• Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum

Tammy Fender’s holistic line of products delivers results, but I am fascinated by more than her skincare line. This skincare is not showy or in-your-face, it’s just beautiful, natural, and feeds my soul. The Quintessential Serum does not need an expensive circus show in order to prove it works. It protects and renews the skin and is well worth the price.

• Under Aurora Nourishing Facial Oil

I found this miracle facial oil while visiting Salem, Massachusetts. My skin can get very dry, which can in turn irritate certain parts of my face. I have yet to find a facial oil that works as well as Under Aurora. With ingredients like carrot oil, it’s like food for your skin. I even use it on cuticles and hands; a little goes a long way.


Coola Sport SPF 50 Mango Fresh Mango Moisturizer

There was one year when I tried about ten to fifteen different types of sunscreens over the course of the summer. Coola stood out. It smells yummy, the design just shouts “vacation,” and because I am from the mountains of northern Europe, I am especially fair-skinned and need a good sunscreen throughout the year.







Paulina Kajankova

Paulina Kajankova

A beauty and fashion blogger since 2006, Paulina Kajankova is a nature-loving country girl at heart. She is a firm believer in chemical-free products and green living and is the Associate Editor of After creating and successfully running the fashion blog le la Moda, which lead to a three-year stint as the fashion and beauty blogger at Organic Spa Magazine, Paulina turned to jewelry design. This editor, designer, and stylist has a knack for finding environmentally friendly yet posh products.