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The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, offers the Drift to Sleep Treatment




Drift to Sleep Spa Ritual

Bernard Burt

Aromatherapist Michael Scholes has been formulating and blending hundreds of pure essential oils into remedies and products for professional and home use for 25 years. Scholes is the mastermind behind a soothing  spa ritual designed to calm your mind and promote sleep.

Blending floral essences at his Sterling, Virginia-based Laboratory of Flowers, Scholes worked with massage therapists to integrate techniques such as lymphatic drainage and Cranial Sacral massage. The result: the two-hour spa ritual called Drift to Sleep.

Sleep disorders affect many people, says Scholes, and we’re seeing more and more sleep treatments appear on spa menus. He believes lack of sleep such as insomnia, disturbed sleep such as apnea, and excessive sleep such as narcolepsy, can be treated with aromatherapy.

Natural scents affect the mind, assisting you to disconnect from thoughts often caused by excessive mental stimulation . . .

Essential oils are a vital part of the treatment, Scholes explains, because natural scents affect the mind, assisting you to disconnect from thoughts often caused by excessive mental stimulation. While therapeutic on their own, essential oils, are most effective when combined with heat and touch. Add a luxurious spa environment, and results can be dramatic.

Drift to Sleep

A Laboratory of Flowers original signature sleep treatment, this is designed to help you let go and take you through a ritual that will promote sleep at a deep state of the subconsciousness. This ultimate relaxation therapeutic experience is designed for an overactive mind, or sleep-deprived individual, making it easy to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Begin with cup of aromatic herbal tea, mixed with organic wild forest honey that is enhanced with calming essential oils. Infused with specific essential oils of rose, lavender, melissa, and St. John’s Wort, this will assist in slowing the body’s internal rhythms.

The treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation using a natural pumice body scrub. Next, a calming bath with warm milk protein. The treatment concludes with a nurturing and peaceful body massage, including warm aromatherapy oils, Reiki, Cranial Sacral holds, lymphatic drainage, and other polarity techniques to transition you into the alpha state of sleep.

Sleep therapists allow a 30-minute rest on a warmed, massage table, covered by an oversized duvet. Awaken refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the remainder of the day. Take-home products include an Aromatic Bath Milk with lavender, rosewood, Roman chamomile, and blue tansy.

The Drift to Sleep Ritual is available at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, Cancun, and Orlando. This two-hour ritual costs $295.



Bernard Burt

Bernard Burt

Health challenges led spa historian Bernard Burt to Canyon Ranch in Arizona, inspiring his 1986 book "Fodor's Healthy Escapes" for Random House. The co-author of "100 Best Spas of the World" (Globe Pequot), his byline has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, American Health, Spa Management Journal, and on Based in Washington, DC, Burt is chairman emeritus of the Washington Spa Alliance and founding director of the International Spa Association.