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Josette Allouche: A Life of Beauty

On January 11th, the beauty world lost one of its most passionate pioneers, Josette Allouche, co-founder of the French skincare line Biologique Recherche. All of us who knew her would likely agree that she was formidable!  Josette was known not only for her elegance, but for her expertise and for her visionary approach to skincare. We had the good fortune to spend time with her at Spa Baumaniere in Provence, where we experienced her knowledge and passion firsthand. “Never the Botox! Never the fillers! Never the scalpel!” she exclaimed in an interview with The Sunday Times. She was adamant about aging gracefully—with the proper skincare regimen, of course.

A licensed physiotherapist, Josette, with her husband Yvan Allouche, a renowned biochemist, founded Biologique Recherche in the 1970s. She designed unique skin-sculpting massage movements that enhanced the benefits of the products, and she developed all of the meticulous treatment protocols and procedures. Josette relished sharing her knowledge with people worldwide. Today, the brand’s professional network spans more than 40 countries and five continents.

Since 1993, the flagship beauty institute, the Ambassade de la Beaute, located on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, has served to showcase all of the brand’s areas of expertise. Situated in a stately historic mansion, and covering three floors, the institute is an ode to innovative beauty. Josette epitomized the very heart and soul of the place, and described it as “efficiency in a dream.”

Biologique Recherche is a beloved favorite of beauty editors worldwide and has attained a sort of cult status among its many high-profile followers. A favorite product at the core of the facial care line is the powerful P50, referred to as a “facial in a bottle.” The line is known for its extensive ingredient research. When Yvan passed away, Josette succeeded in keeping this precious heritage alive, through her own will and unwavering determination, and with the support of their son, Philippe Allouche, MD, the CEO of Biologique Recherche North America.

Through her hard work and dedication, Josette ensured the sustainability of the values and spirit of the company she so loved. She will be missed.