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Natural Makeup Must-Haves

Paulina Kajankova

When it comes to makeup, avid spa-goers more often than not opt for the classic “no-makeup” makeup look. Surely it is possible to achieve that fresh-faced and glowing “straight from the spa,” face in your every day life. Although a proper skincare routine is key, makeup has the the power to further enhance what’s naturally yours. In my summer beauty endeavors, I plan on allowing my natural beauty to shine through. For this reason, I look for brands with gentle formulas and a philosophy of cultivating a smart, well-lived lifestyle.


As a loyal tinted moisturizer wearer for a number of years now, I am perfectly happy with light coverage on most casual days. With that said, there are times I desire extra coverage that a tinted moisturizer just cannot achieve. Although I have played with makeup since middle school, I have come to the conclusion that the “put-on” heavy foundation look with contouring, will never be the real me. Introducing a new foundation into my routine would have to make it special.

Enter Haley’s RE:SET Liquid Matte foundation. Haley’s personable approach and selection of shades is impressive. I will admit, this foundation makes my complexion look phenomenal. The packaging is seriously sleek and chic. Since the formula is made with complexion-treating ingredients, I count on its  help to cover up the tired me. This is one of the best foundations to have on hand when you want to look a bit more put-together. Knowing it is vegan and cruelty-free just makes it that much better.

In my summer beauty endeavors, I plan on allowing my natural beauty to shine through.


I am one of those people who could never give up their mascara and blush. For this reason, I need my blush to be in the realm of clean beauty. The right blush color has the power to change your mood. At first, Kjaer Weis charmed me with their luxe packaging, then I discovered that their cream blush is just the multitasker I need. I went for the bestseller— Blossoming—it can be used on cheeks, eyes, and lips. I love that I can dab it on with my fingers. This is one of the most convenient and natural-looking makeup products for the busy girl on-the-go. The brand is deeply rooted in creating products that are natural and organic, plus they place an emphasis on sustainability. With a foolproof hue like this, I consider this blush an investment, for both my makeup bag and my health.


Since Aveda’s Feed My Lips collection launched, I have become absolutely obsessed with their nourishing lipsticks. No other lipsticks have grabbed my attention quite like these botanical creations. Match it with their velvety lip liner for a perfectly desirable pout. The naturally derived and organic ingredients make this collection a winner for me. My favorite shade is Cana, an intense red-orange color that pops. I can say with certainty that I have finally found the perfect red lipstick for me. A red lip is timeless for me on most nights about town. No re-applying necessary, as these lipsticks are long-wearing and nourishing. What more could you ask for?


Mascara is one of those products that can make or break your makeup look. I am always on the lookout for a good mascara that will give me natural-looking length and separation. Although my eyelashes are naturally long, getting them to behave under the mascara wand is the real problem. Dome uses a unique formula made from olives, and as many times as I used it, not once did it flake or lump. Rest assured, this product does more than make you beautiful; it is gentle on sensitive eyes and is formulated to strengthen lashes. As far as application, one swipe of the wand was enough, which I appreciated.

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Paulina Kajankova

Paulina Kajankova

A beauty and fashion blogger since 2006, Paulina Kajankova is a nature-loving country girl at heart. She is a firm believer in chemical-free products and green living and is the Associate Editor of After creating and successfully running the fashion blog le la Moda, which lead to a three-year stint as the fashion and beauty blogger at Organic Spa Magazine, Paulina turned to jewelry design. This editor, designer, and stylist has a knack for finding environmentally friendly yet posh products.