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Teen Beauty Reviewer BEATRICE SCHUELLER tries some beauty products.
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The Trials of A Teen Beauty Tester

Beatrice Schueller

Hi, I’m Bea, and I’m the teen beauty writer for Insider’s. When my Aunt Mary (who started this site) asked me to review spa beauty products for teenagers, I was really excited because I love trying new products, and I know how important it is to take care of myself and to start some kind of a beauty routine now.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 13 and in the eighth grade. I love to sing, read, and spend time with my close friends. I’m interested in the kinds of skincare products that make my skin look and feel healthy. If I had to go to a desert island for a month, or if I was exiled to my room for a week, I’d make sure to pack lip balm, moisturizer, and vanilla-scented body lotion. I’m lucky so far that I haven’t had pimples, but my skin can get dry, depending on the season.

Which brings me to the very first product I’m testing for my new column. It’s a three-product set called Spa Teen from Pevonia Botanica. Before I used these products, I had some questions about them. Will I like them? Will I continue using them? What will they do for me? And finally, what will they smell like? I hoped that they worked.


The packaging is simple, yet practical. There are three bottles in their own zip-up pouch, easy to travel with, or even just carry around. The three products I tried were the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. They were easy to use, and they worked. After applying the cleanser, my skin felt fresh and healthy. When I put on the toner, I was expecting a slight burning feeling like I’d found with toners from other lines and brands. However, the burning feeling never came. The toner was cool and soothing, and so was the moisturizer.

My favorite of the products would be the moisturizer. It worked very well, and it made my skin feel smoother and fresher. I would definitely recommend this line to my friends. These products are really helpful if you have dry skin, or if you just want to have a clean, healthy-looking face.

Before bed, I wash my face, apply the cleanser, then the toner, and finally the moisturizer. In the morning, before school, I try to do the same routine in a shortened amount of time. I really like this line, and I would keep using it. If I’m going to face the world some day, I want the world to see my face at its best. These products help me with that, and I hope to find more.

Beatrice Schueller

Beatrice Schueller

Beatrice Schueller is the Contributing Teen Editor of Insider's Guide to Spas. She is in the eighth grade and enjoys musical theatre, reading, and spending time with her close friends. A member of a youth theatre group, she loves the stage, show tunes, and getting ready backstage. She enjoys exploring and learning about the many types of beauty.