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Breathe Easy Facial

Rima Suqi

The Treatment:

Breathe Easy Facial

Time & Cost:

50 minutes, $175

The facial is billed as a clearing and cleansing facial for the sinuses and skin. My esthetician started the facial by asking if I was congested or having problems breathing. I wasn’t, but I do wake up stuffy most mornings, and this treatment was at 9 p.m., so I was hoping whatever benefits it brought would last through the night.

This treatment incorporates a lot of facial massage, using pressure point techniques and lymph drainage movements, which was fantastic. The esthetician also uses what she calls the Breathe Essential Oil – a mixture of peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and pine, a combination said to clear the sinuses. The thing is, I only came into contact with it two times during the treatment (in the beginning of the treatment as an inhalation, and it was used in a hot washcloth put on my face after the mask). A few drops were also put on a cotton round I was given after the treatment.

To Summarize:

The Breathe Easy is pretty much like every other good basic facial I’ve had (cleansing, exfoliating, a mask) except for two things: one was the use of the Clarisonic brush to cleanse my face. I’ve never used it and don’t personally like the idea of it, as I was worried it would be too abrasive for my sensitive skin. It seemed to be okay. The second was the application of lip plumper instead of lip balm at the end of the treatment. My esthetician said she was giving me a “special treat.” It was more like a “your lips are on fire” shock that I was not prepared for, nor did I like. I couldn’t wipe it off fast enough and, I hate to say, it did ruin my Zen-like state. (That said, the salesperson at the spa shop said they sell a LOT of lip plumper, so I am probably in the minority).

Overall, I did feel like it was a very good, cleansing facial. My skin felt very clean and cleansed afterwards, and looked brighter. The next morning, I woke up stuffy as usual. Maybe I needed more of that oil.

Best For:

All ages and skin types. I can’t speak to the sinus-clearing capabilities, as I didn’t have that issue at the time of the treatment.


I think it’s a really fine, basic, cleansing facial for everybody, but if you do not want lip plumper, say so in advance.



Rima Suqi

Rima Suqi

An avid world traveler raised in an international home, Rima has explored and covered emerging destinations in the Middle East and Africa, far-flung luxury resorts in French Polynesia, as well as those closer to home, and the burgeoning arts scene in Marfa, Texas. Rima has traveled to over 30 countries, writing about the trends and tastemakers for leading travel and lifestyle publications, and subjected herself to innumerable spa treatments — sometimes under very odd circumstances — all in the name of journalism. A weekly contributor to The New York Times Home section, Rima held the envious position of Best Bets Editor at New York Magazine for six years, and is regularly published in national magazines including T Magazine/The New York Times, Departures, Architectural Digest, Elle Décor and American Way. Her last book American Fashion: Designers at Home (Assouline) in partnership with CFDA, sold out three printings.