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Get to Your Essence at GSN Congress

Bill Reed is a man of many questions and insightful answers. As GSN’s 10th Anniversary Congress approaches, I spoke with... Read the full article »

Reflections on the Green Spa Network with Roberto Arjona

On the verge of Green Spa Network’s 10th Anniversary Congress, Roberto Arjona, Chief Executive of Rancho La Puerta, and past... Read the full article »

Go with the Flow: The Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa

Travel experts Off the Map Travel and the team behind the famous Treehotel in Sweden will launch a new floating... Read the full article »

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From Spa-Goer to Massage Therapist-in-Training

Just 348 hours to go. That’s how much training remains for me to become a bonafide massage therapist, certified by... Read the full article »

Three Great American Spas

From a fresh, modern spa with a wink and a nod to its Texas roots, to a gleaming state-of-the-art temple... Read the full article »

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