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Mary Bemis

Calistoga with Philippe Therene

A local spa entrepreneur shares the very best of this historic hot mud haven. Why Calistoga? I’ve been living here for 32... Read the full article »

Birth of an Urban Bathhouse

It’s eco. It’s urban. And it’s coming soon to San Francisco. Meet Nell Waters, the mastermind behind SOAK. Describe who you... Read the full article »

Heart-Centered Leadership

For more than two decades, Michael Tompkins has led award-winning teams in the spa, wellness, and luxury hospitality worlds. As... Read the full article »


spa culture


The 7-Step Wellness Solution

Wellness is a reflection of the unfolding dance of life in which the energies of our body, mind, and spirit... Read the full article »

Hydrotherapy Center (7)

Taking the Waters at Avene les Bains

When in doubt, ask a horse. That’s what villagers did nearly 300 years ago in the Languedoc’s Orb Valley in... Read the full article »

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Healing Beauty Rituals


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Journey to Renewal Retreat Guide