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Discover Green Beauty with Daniela Ciocan

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As we look forward to our third year co-curating Cosmoprof North America’s Discover Green and Discover Green Leaf shows, we sat down with Daniela Ciocan—the power behind the premier launching pad for new beauty brands and new product innovations in the Americas.

As you approach the third year of Discover Green, and the second year of Discover Green Leaf, what have you learned most about the natural beauty market?

The green/organic market is a fast-growing segment within the cosmetics industry, due to the spotlight on the safety of ingredients from various entities and consumer awareness on transparency. This market segment has a plethora of indie niche players who are passionate about creating unique clean formulations to share with their community and clients.

What has been an eye opener for you as Cosmoprof North America’s Discover Green and Discover Green Leaf shows have grown?

I think the key takeaway is the passion that entrepreneurs involved with green beauty bring forth; each has had some transformational experience or insight and their stories are what resonate, in addition to their freshly scented products. Plus, many have a community aspect, so the farmers lives and their communities often become intertwined with that of the brand. Their success touches many individuals, oftentimes in impoverished faraway places.

“Discover Green & Discover Green Leaf are shows-within-a show that seek to delight attendees and provide them with a true sense of discovery.”

Why did you decide to launch Discover Green Leaf, and how do you differentiate this area?

We decided to launch Discover Green Leaf so that indie beauty brands that are green/organic and have a unique point of view can meet face to face with qualified buyers as part of pre-scheduled meetings. We invite leading spa decision makers (Auberge, Destination Hotels, Milk & Honey, Shangri-La Hotels, for example), as well as specialty retailers (The Detox Market and Pharmaca, to name a few). This platform provides not only a unique vantage point to the participating companies, but it allows them the chance to connect with buyers to help grow their business. Every company in Discover Green Leaf is carefully reviewed based on ingredients, story, current distribution model, and objectives to ensure that it’s a fit with the invited buyers.

What truly distinguishes these two platforms from others out there? Could you speak to the design of the special areas & the overall feeling/experience you’re aiming for?

While the curation and lineup assortment is key, the onsite display and design of the areas is what grabs the visitor’s attention on the floor. Natural-inspired elements are used throughout the two sections along with greenery and green-inspired visuals and natural wood elements. It’s certainly an investment on our part, yet it is one more distinguishing factor that separates us from other events.

What has been the most inspiring thing you’ve learned from the green beauty biz at large along the way?

I am proud of what we are doing at Cosmoprof North America through our Discover Green & Discover Green Leaf programs, as we personally review and hand select each candidate that expresses interest in participation. Space is limited and for this reason very coveted; these two sections are meant to be trend directional, inspirational, and international. Ingredient listing requirements are also provided to the participating brands. Lastly, the diversity of the collections is also reviewed; we want to make sure that all various categories are covered including makeup, hair, body, kids, etc.

What do you hope attendees of Cosmoprof North America’s Discover Green and Discover Green Leaf platforms take away from the show?

It is my hope that buyers of green beauty products will make Cosmoprof North America a destination for finding resources to bring to their stores and spas. And for the indie companies out there, I encourage them to attend and see for themselves how these spotlighted areas can provide meaningful business development opportunities. Discover Green & Discover Green Leaf are shows-within-a show that seek to delight attendees and provide them with a true sense of discovery.

Editor’s Note: This year, Cosmoprof North America will be held July 29th through July 31st at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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