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10 Blissful Sleep Balms

Beverly Spencer

Mist, dab, apply, repeat. Be prepared for a better night’s sleep with these 10 soothing sleep-enhancing products.

Dream Mist, Lavender Provence by Body Bliss
Meant to be used as a “bed time ritual for sweet dreams,” this mist may be used as a room spray, pillow mist or simply sprayed onto a tissue or handkerchief for a quick dose of relaxation. It’s also safe to apply to the skin. Its aroma is sweet, yet earthy (thank you, radish root ferment filtrate and ylang-ylang).; $12.95

Aromatic Bedtime Treatment from Tata Harper
Accessible and convenient, this little roller ball travels well and can be tossed into any bag. The scent is mossy and bright at the same time, and got my attention in a surprising way. I think it’s because of the citronella, which I wouldn’t think of as a calming scent, but the earthy undertones balance it out.; $60

Tranquillity Oil (Bath & Body) by Comfort Zone 
My nighttime rituals have long included a warm bath enhanced with a sensual bath oil. There’s something about taking the time out to practice a little self-care that really helps to regroup me. This silky, gentle oil blend includes amaranth oil and sweet orange, one of my favorite essential oils that always lifts me up. You can either add it to the bath (it magically transforms from an oil to a milky substance when it touches the water), or apply to your body. Sandalwood, geranium, and damascus rose make it even more blissful.; $130

Sweet Dreams No 4 Moisturizing Body Lotion by Valentina’s Naturals
I was intrigued by the jasmine and sandalwood combination of this mid-weight body lotion, but when I applied it, the scent was slightly overwhelming—a little goes a long way. This is a good option for drier skin types because of the shea butter and the sunflower seed oil.; $12

Healing Sleep Anointing Oil by Lotus Wei
This little roller ball packs a punch! It’s not for everyone, but it does have something that’s appealing. It’s almost too heady to be soothing, but that’s part of its allure. This could be due to the essential oil of spikenard, a flowering plant of the Valerian family, found in the Himalayas. Strong on application, but mellows within minutes.; $30

Peaceful Slumber, a Liquid Lullaby by Tazeka Aromatherapy
This is it for me. It has all the essential oils that say “calming” to me. It’s soft, but pungent at the same time, and it made my mind slow down a little bit. Another easy-to-apply roller ball in a beautiful purple flask, this soothing blend includes bergamot, neroli, and Hawaiian sandalwood, among other essential oils.; $39.50

 Lavender & Bergamot Sleep Balm by Badger
I’ve always liked the small portable tins that Badger balms come in, and this one is especially nice because of the versatile ways you can use the Sleep Balm. While you may apply it to your temples, face, or lips, the taste is not what you may be used to in a lip balm. But the mellow aroma is pleasant.; $5.99 & $9.99

Sleep, A Bedtime Ritual by Essence of Vali
Super-potent and meant to be dabbed onto a tissue or pillowcase, this oil blend means business. Top notes of lavender with an undercurrent of ylang-ylang, it makes good sense that this is the company’s bestseller.; $18

Pillow Mist by Themae Paris
I love this pillow spray. I just want to keep spraying it and smelling it. It’s bright and florally and vaguely familiar. The lingering scent is orange blossom, but sadly, it quickly dissipates.; $32

Dreaming Oil by Farmaesthetics
I saved the best for last. This is a basic blend of lavender and clary sage that shows simple is best—in both formulation and packaging. It’s soothing and calming, but has an elegance all its own.; $27


Beverly Spencer

Beverly W. Spencer

Beverly W. Spencer is a hedonistic adventuress with highly attuned senses who teaches students with disabilities in Northwestern Vermont.