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9 Great Green Beauty Finds for Face & Body

Mary Bemis

From blissful bar soaps to CBD-laced body butters, here are nine clean green beauty products that’ll make you look and feel good.

BioSphere Naturel Delice Lait Corps

A nice, light body lotion that absorbs very easily without a greasy residue, Delice Lait Corps is just one of the products from this natural French skincare line that recently launched in the States. The boutique, family and women-owned company hails from the Occitanie region in the south of France, and its products are cruelty-free, vegan, and free of parabens, sulfates, and silicones. The line was co-founded by Dana Hette´ who experienced her own health crisis with Crohn’s disease. “I wanted to live a cleaner lifestyle without compromising on the luxurious experience of a high-end brand,” she shared with me.

Brosily Bath & Body Lavender Bliss Bar Soap

“Many of us live hurried, stressful lives and it is taking a toll on our physical and mental health,”Navine Acevedo wrote me. Experiencing this firsthand, she created a line of lovely aromatherapy soaps, that are handcrafted in Connecticut. “I wanted to help give people a ‘little me time,’ and the ability to transform their shower time into their own personal spa to help them unwind,” she noted. Acevedo’s line consists of five soaps, the best-selling and calming Lavender Bliss; the uplifting Citrus Sunshine; invigorating Mint Tango; grounding Cedarwood Reflection; and comforting Vanilla Spice.

Dryland Wilds Snakeweed Plant Water

There’s something very desert-like about the scent of this mist that’s meant to soothe and repair. Exquisitely crafted in the wilds of New Mexico, this is a pure snakeweed hydrosol that doesn’t disappoint. Snakewood has a long healing history: the Blackfoot used its roots in herbal steams to help relieve respiratory ailments, while the Navajo used it in various forms to treat headaches, dizziness, snakebites, and insect stings.

Ethique Lime & Ginger Body Polish

One of the more unique clean, green product lines I’ve come across, New Zealand-based Ethique was founded by master scientist and sustainable beauty advocate Brianne West. West succeeded in creating a very cool collection of solid bar-style products, including deodorants, shampoos, cleansers, scrubs, self-tanners, and moisturizers. The Lime & Ginger Body Polish bar is a real winner—it’s easy to apply and delivers a creamy, moisturizing body polish that washes off well and smells great. Ethique is a certified B Corp, climate-neutral business, and all products are sold in compostable packaging.

Good Body Products Whipped Wonder Butter

Having spent 13 formative years in Vermont, I admit that I’m partial to products made in the Green Mountain State. So I was happy when Trish Thomas, co-founder of Good Body Products located in southern Vermont, reached out to me recently. I was even happier when her box of samples of salves and body butters showed up. Sourced from 100 percent organic ingredients (many local) these salves—like the Skin Glow Salve, formulated for issues like eczema, rashes, and scars—are seriously good. Whipped Wonder Butter with Frankincense & CBD (over 165 mg) is a standout. Meant to “promote calming and relaxation in the skin, muscles, and body at large,” it soothed the tense muscles in my neck and shoulders.

InLight Beauty Under Eye Revive

I’m always on the lookout for a good eye product, and this one from InLight was a pleasant find. The British-based organic line is certified in the UK by the Soil Association and formulated by Mariano Spiezia, a doctor of medicine and a medical herbalist. Under Eye Revive is a rich balm with skin-loving ingredients like jojoba, apricot, and olive oils, and soothing botanical extracts, including calendula and rose. Formulated to decongest and relieve puffiness and dark circles, a little of this magical balm goes a long way.

Kindred Skincare Co. 2018 La Femme Body Oil

One of my favorite new products of the year, this delicate body oil is so delicious that I use it sparingly, carefully doling it out. Why do I love it so? Aside from the fact that it’s crafted from organic ingredients like coconut, mongongo, and spinach seed oils, its scent is simply otherworldly (think geranium, lavender, bergamot . . . ). There’s also a touch of mineral powder to “illuminate beauty inside and out.” The beauty of this product doesn’t end there: With every 2018 sale of La Femme, Kindred Skincare Co. will award a percentage of the profits to the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), the world’s first organization to fight human trafficking internationally. Going forward, the company plans to designate a new recipient, dedicated to social justice causes for women, with whom they’ll share proceeds from the sale of a new version of La Femme.

 Lacfin Composited Revive Facial Sheet Mask

As of this writing, this new sheet mask was sold out on Amazon, though readers may also find it at There’s a good reason why this EWG-verified sheet mask is hot stuff—it’s crafted from a blend of fiber and bio-cellulose, which means that its nutrients penetrate deeper, packing a much more powerful punch to your skin. “We’ve teamed up with the Environmental Working Group to verify that our facial sheet mask is better for your readers’ health,” said Kevin Hsu, co-founder. “That means our facial sheet mask is not only healthier and safer for people, but also will inspire them to stay positive, protect their health, and make a difference for our planet.” The mask is 100 percent biodegradable and free of parabens, fragrance, phthalates, sulfates, and dyes. After 20 minutes, my skin did feel and look better—fresher and more hydrated—and I loved the fact that the sheet mask was drip-free.

Rutz Skincare In Your Face Elixir Mist

Founder Steph Schuler has a passion for Reiki, and that is at the very heart of Rutz. The healing benefits of this energy work are lovingly infused into each product. One of my favorites is the In Your Face Elixir Mist. The mist contains a lavender hydrosol, ingredients like colloidal silver, and essential oils with antibacterial properties. A spritz or two makes for a nice mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

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Mary Bemis

Mary Bemis

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