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Kerstin Florian: Inspiring Wellness Through A Spa Lifestyle

Mantra. Message. Intention. Vision. Each is powerful on its own, but when authentically intertwined, when they build upon one another, they reach a higher level of inspiration and meaning. No one understands that better than Kerstin Florian. Iconic founder of the wellness-based line of spa skin and body-care products and treatments bearing the same name, Kerstin Florian has never wavered from her vision, her intention, of inspiring wellness through a spa lifestyle.

From her first childhood realizations of the connections between mind and body, energy and health, earth and wellness, she has dedicated herself to promoting outer beauty as a reflection of inner health. And she strives to achieve that by following a lifestyle based on the four cornerstones of wellness—proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind, and care of face and body.

She saw firsthand the benefits of mineral baths, Kneipp therapy, seaweed wraps, and essential oils and knew that nature’s bounty was the key to wellness and its cornerstones.

These cornerstones are woven throughout the Kerstin Florian brand, from the healthy ingredients blended into her highly effective skin and body-care formulations, to the global spa traditions featured in her expertly crafted treatments, indeed to the mantra that inspires her company, her customers and herself in a shared, joyful commitment to wellness.

It began in the natural surroundings of Kerstin’s upbringing in Sweden. Time outdoors in nature revived her body and mind, whether enjoying the sun and sea in summer or the snow in winter. She saw firsthand the benefits of mineral baths, Kneipp therapy, seaweed wraps, and essential oils and knew that nature’s bounty was the key to wellness and its cornerstones.

Frustrated with the availability of natural effective skincare as a young adult, she used almonds, mint, and honey to make a scrub, and mashed raspberries she picked herself to make a facial masque. These inspirations can still be seen in her products today, which she had the opportunity to make sing when she opened her first treatment room in Laguna Beach, California, in the 1970s.

Then Now
Clarifying Raspberry Extract Clarifying BerryPlus Repair Serum
Prized for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening benefits Raspberry and so much more, enhanced with larch, camu camu and cell culture technology
Spa Body Krauter Collection Chamomile Body Collection
From German for “herbs” this line was centered around the therapeutic benefits of chamomile and pine Renamed and refined, still based the aroma of chamomile, pine and fir as well as inclusive of their natural inherent essences
Thermal Mineral Bath Mineral Wellness Soak
Based on minerals, the quintessential elements and basis of spa bathing therapy Now sustainably-sourced and solar-dried from the world’s most magnesium-rich sea salt


Here-to-Stay Heroes

Rejuvenating Firming Extract: Kerstin still swears by this earthy serum from hops cone, rosemary, and horsetail that leaves skin fortified and restored.

Rejuvenating Spirulina Masque: Another mainstay of spa, algae and seaweed have always featured prominently in the line, including this masque made with “nature’s most perfect food.”

Clarifying Moor Mud Masque: Based on benefits of pelotherapy, this classic black mud from thermal lake land balances, refines, and detoxifies.

Many years, products, treatments, and properties later, the intention, the vision, the commitment remain the same for Kerstin Florian. She continues to find, blend, and craft therapies and formulas that promote and develop new approaches to holistic wellness, knowing that it is not a set destination, but rather an ever-evolving journey. You can learn more about Kerstin Florian—the company, the brand and the healthy, strong, mindful, radiant woman—at

Featured Spa Treatments

Organic Aromatherapy Facial

Reconnect with nature, spirit, and self with this deluxe facial based on the ancient and influential art of Aromatherapy. Centered on a global bouquet of skin-renewing aromatic oils, this facial imparts complete vitality and relaxation. Includes an invigorating foot soak, specially developed aromatherapy facial, scalp, and foot massage. (Includes Organic Facial Oils)

Neroli Blossom Sensory Massage

Renew and refresh body, energy, and spirit with this therapeutic treatment that utilizes organic face and body oils, incorporating tension release, energy, and breathing techniques with the uplifting essence of Neroli. (Includes Neroli Blossom Bath & Body Oil & Rehydrating Neroli Facial Oil)

Neroli Blossom Sensory Experience 

Awaken the senses with the aroma of neroli as energy balancing, reflexology foot cleansing ritual, lymphatic dry brush, and meditative massage combine for a deeply relaxing yet uplifting experience.

Where to Experience

Organic Aromatherapy Facial 

St. Vincent’s One Nineteen • Desert Mountain Club (AZ) • Chuan Spa at the Langham Chicago • Skincare Butik

Neroli Blossom Sensory Massage

The Henderson Beach Resort & Spa • Desert Mountain Club (AZ) • Montage Laguna Beach • JW Marriott Desert Springs • Toscana • Estancia (San Diego) • Hotel Crescent Court • JW Marriott San Antonio • Lake Austin

Neroli Blossom Sensory Experience 

Chuan Spa at the Langham Chicago • Kohler Burr Ridge • Evensong Spa (WI) • Drift Spa • JW Marriott Desert Springs • Oasis Salon & Spa