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Pumpkin Patch of Beauty

As the leaves change and the days draw shorter, spas across the country are turning to pumpkin, spice, and everything nice. Ginger, clove, and black pepper, apple, cranberry, pomegranate, and pumpkin puree—all are finding their way into treatments that invigorate like the crisp autumn air and leave skin with a healthy glow. Here are eight seasonal spa treatments on offer resort spas across the US, plus three brightening pumpkin masks you can use at home.

Pumpkin Chai Scrub at Pebble Beach Resorts

Autumn guests at California’s legendary Pebble Beach Resorts can indulge in a delectable Pumpkin Chai Scrub. Pampering and nutrient-rich, it includes a Sweet Cream Salt Scrub, a Pumpkin Mask wrap, and an application of Honey-Chai Steeped Milk Lotion. (Bonus: the same seasonal ingredients are being featured in the Spa Pedicure this fall.) The Spa at Pebble Beach is one of only 56 spas in the world to receive the 2017 Forbes Five-Star rating. Its menu of massages, scrubs, full-body treatments, day packages, and salon services complement the world-renowned Pebble Beach experience. The Pumpkin Chai scrub is priced at $270 for 75 minutes.

Muddy Pumpkin at Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa

So much more than a holiday pie filling, pumpkin has natural enzymes that instantly boost overall radiance by deep cleaning pores and improving the look of broken capillaries and uneven skin tone. The Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa’s ocean-inspired SiSpa will feature pumpkin in several seasonal treatments this fall, including:

•Muddy Pumpkin Body Wrap: This full-body scrub removes dead surface cells with an application of pumpkin mud followed by a cocoon wrap. It continues with a scalp and foot massage, warm shower rinse, and an application of warm cinnamon-gingerbread oil to hydrate the body. It is priced at $99 for 50 minutes.

•Muddy Pumpkin Manicure-Pedicure: A refreshing and invigorating hand and foot treatment, full of the seasonal scents of fall. Pumpkin increases blood circulation, stimulates the mind, enhances skin tone, and hydrates. Priced at $99; 80 minutes.

•Splendid Pumpkin Facial: Pumpkin and yogurt blend in a luxurious, antioxidant-rich facial full of natural fats and lactic acid to soothe and soften skin. Bentonite and illite clays help pull impurities, toxins, and excess oils from the skin’s surface and improve blood circulation and oxygenation for a radiant glow. Priced at $99; 50 minutes.

Pumpkin and Spiced Cider

At Ft. Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa apple, cranberry, and pomegranate join pumpkin on the spa menu The oceanfront resort’s SiSpa is featuring several specials with these fall fruits:

•Pumpkin Spiced Cider Facial: This super-charged cocktail of pumpkin puree, antioxidants and natural acids reduces signs of aging and acne. Natural skin-nourishing sugars and the stimulating effects of ginger result in visibly smaller pores, reduced acne, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and firmer, smoother skin texture. Priced at $99; 50 minutes.

•Pumpkin Spice Body Treatment: This regenerating treatment begins with a polishing scrub of sugar infused with cranberry and pomegranate followed by a pumpkin cream mask that melts away the sugar and infuses antioxidants, nutrients, and rich hydration deep into the skin for soft, smooth results. It ends with a light massage using a stimulating cinnamon paprika moisturizer, leaving skin soft and supple and reducing visible signs of cellulite and aging. Priced at $99 for 50 min. A deluxe version of the treatment adds a 25-minute circulation-promoting massage and is priced at $150.

Apple Cider Masque and Massage at Whiteface Lodge

Tucked into the High Peaks of the Adirondacks in Lake Placid, New York, Whiteface Lodge is enticing fall guests into the spa with an Apple Cider Masque and Massage. This luxurious treatment rehydrates and rejuvenates skin from head to toe with mineral clays from the Canadian seas, iced cider, and apple vinegar. A rebalancing full-body massage follows with ultra-nourishing body crème containing apple extracts. Priced from $180-$190; 80 minutes.

Bodhi Stimulating Body Treatment at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

Black pepper, clove, and kaffir lime give Sanctuary Spa’s Bodhi Stimulating Bodhi Treatment an autumnal appeal. Located at the renowned Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, the spa begins this purifying body ritual with a gentle body polish to prepare the skin for a spicy warming body mask wrap.  As the spices stimulate blood vessels for better circulation and nourish the skin and invigorate the metabolism, warm herbal poultices are gently massaged to contour and lift the facial muscles. The treatment ends with a relaxing Swedish-style massage using a blend of black pepper, clove bud, and kaffir lime essential oils to help breakdown fatty deposits, eliminate toxins, and increase lymphatic drainage. The Bodhi Stimulating Body Treatment is priced from $235-$310; 90 minutes -120 minutes.

At-Home Beauty Masks

Loaded with skin-loving ingredients like vitamins A, B, C, E, and K and minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium, these three pumpkin-rich masks will help brighten complexions.

Pumpkin & Orange Mask from Ilike uses cold processed, whole raw pumpkin pulp instead of extracts to help refine skin. $52,

Pom Crush Detox Enzyme Mask from Sonage contains six fruit enzymes, including pumpkin, to help reveal brighter skin. $48,

Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Mask from June Jacobs combines pumpkin enzyme with a powerful patented antioxidant blend of white, red, and green tea extracts. $65