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Zenaide Giunta


Zenaide Giunta: Engaging the Senses

Mary Bemis

“I am at heart an entrepreneur, and I watched as the desire for villas and the special-events venue in Italy grew,” says Zenaide Giunta, proprietess of Le Torri di Bagnara and great-great grand niece of Napoleon Bonaparte. “I decided that I could convert one of my castles into a Castle-Villa and make our residence available as a weddings and special-events venue.” By creating this Luxury Castles Collection, Giunta could share the beauty of her tenuta—the bounty of her farm, and the history attached to both the estate and to her illustrious family.

“This is not a simple house rental, but a life experience that speaks to all of the senses,” explains Giunta. We asked her to expand upon this.

The Savage Scents of Nature

Wherever you go, you are surrounded by the scents of Nature: flowers, lemon trees, all aromatic herbs from our gardens and the savage scents from our estate.

This is not a simple house rental, but a life experience that speaks to all of the senses…

A Banquet of Tastes for the Tongue

You will not be able to forget the delicious healthy food prepared by our Chef, using only the best local and seasonal ingredients, fresh vegetables from our kitchen garden—all cooked or dressed with extra-virgin olive oil from our farm. Every day you may taste a different menu of foods with different textures and colors, so that every meal is a banquet of new tastes for your tongue.

Easy on the Eyes

It is impossible not to lose yourself among the beautiful 360-degree views that our estate offers and that will delight your eyes.

Pure Acoustics from Nature

A symphony of relaxing sounds of nature surround you: birds singing, the sound of water falling from our infinity pool, the wind blowing over the top of the hill and among the trees. Being in Nature, surrounded by the pure acoustics of the environment gives a feeling of overwhelming calm that is hard to experience in urban surroundings.

Tune Up Through Touch

Make a point of touching different textures throughout the day. Let your fingers graze a tree as you’re walking by, or stop to pick a delicate flower. Be aware of things that change the feel of your skin, like a cool breeze or the warmth of the sun. Running, doing yoga, having our special massages, can all help you get in tune with your body.

The Ultimate Takeaway

From this experience, guests take away the sunshine of Italy, the history  and culture of Umbria, the deep green of our estate, the elegance and comfort of our castles, the taste of the healthy cuisine cooked by our chefs, and the warmth of our hospitality.

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Mary Bemis

Mary Bemis

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