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Mutual Core Values: La Mamounia and Valmont Partner

This September, Valmont products and their renowned signature treatments will be available at Le Spa by La Mamounia, including the highly effective products, such as the Elixir des Glaciers and the Happy Mask—the product is sold every eight minutes somewhere in the world.

In addition to the spa products, Valmont’s “Storie Veneziane” collection of limited edition perfumes inspired by Venice, the home of Valmont founders Sophie and Didier Guillon, will be available for sale at La Mamounia. The beautiful glass bottles are designed with handcrafted Murano glass and leather, reflecting their legendary Venetian craftmanship.

The new partnership is a collaboration of mutual core values: excellence, consistency, and beauty.

New Valmont Spa Treatments at La Mamounia

Energy: Vitalité des Glaciers

The very first Valmont treatment, Vitalité des Glaciers, quickly became a signature treatment. Introduced in 1985, it reflects the technical knowhow of the Swiss expert in anti-aging. A true beauty booster, this cabin treatment stimulates both skin vitality and cell renewal, two factors in skin health that wane with time. After the treatment, the complexion is fresher and brighter, features are relaxed, and the face displays a unique fullness.

Hydration: Source Des Bisses

This treatment was inspired by observing the irrigation channels known as “bisses,” which are used by the highlanders of the Swiss Wallis region. Valmont applied this ancient tradition of hydraulic control to the skin. A moisturizing bath for the skin, the Source des Bisses treatment quenches even the thirstiest skin. Filled with water, the epidermis is reactivated and the dermis reinflated, smoothing the wrinkles that result from dehydration.

Anti-wrinkle and firmness: Sommet du Cervin

With this resolutely anti-wrinkle and firming expert treatment, Valmont puts its technical and cosmetic knowhow into action to treat or prevent the most visible signs of aging.—