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Photo courtesy of Saltability


Pass the Salt (Therapy), Please

Two leaders of the spa industry will be showcasing their salt products, treatments, and services at the International SPA Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas later this month. Ann Brown, owner of Saltability, and Leo Tonkin, CEO of SALT Chamber, have formed a strategic alliance to showcase their products at the 25th Annual ISPA convention in Las Vegas on October 19-21, 2015, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

“We are looking forward to being able to showcase the health and wellness benefits of Salt therapy,” Brown said. “Saltability’s focus is on Himalayan salt stone massage and the therapeutic benefits of the 100 percent pure hand-carved Himalayan salt stones used on the body. The treatment and technology of the low energy, green, eco-friendly warmer is being embraced by spa professionals world-wide.” Saltability is based out of Missouri, offering Himalayan salt products used by professionals (at spas that include Montage Laguna Beach, Cavallo Point, and at all of the Spa Nordstrom locations in North America) and for consumers to use at home.

Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals, and depending on how it is applied, those minerals absorb into the skin, balancing the body’s PH, aiding in proper metabolism, helping with gastrointestinal issues, and improving circulation, among many other health benefits.

“Dry Salt absorbs impurities and has anti-bacterial properties which can improve a variety of skin conditions, as well as respiratory issues,” Tonkin says. “We are going to be focusing on showcasing many uses of dry salt therapy (halotherapy) including our new SALT Bed Spa Table with a halogenerator to provide pure sodium chloride micronized particles for inhalation, ways to use Himalayan salt for architectural decor/design and therapeutic gain. We formed this strategic alliance to educate consumers and industry professionals about the many benefits of salt therapy.”

Tonkin is the Chairman of the Salt Therapy Association, an organization that provides resources and promotes scientific innovation in the salt therapy field.

ISPA has been representing the spa industry, and health and wellness facilities in more than 70 countries since 1991. Every year the association hosts a spa conference attended by members in all facets of the industry including resort/hotel destination, medical, club and day spas, massage therapists and product suppliers.