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Becca Hensley

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Before my arrival at Yoga Yoga, a Lilliputian spa and yoga studio in Austin, therapists Annie Cucinello and Natasha Cordes choose some gemstones in preparation for my treatment. Annie infuses heart-opening rose-crystal quartz in oil of rose, amethyst (the stone of meditation) in oil of lavender and carnelian (for joy and vitality) in oil of sweet orange.

Annie is preparing for one of the spa’s special treatments—the Gemstone Swedish Massage. Esthetician Natasha, meanwhile, also infuses a rose quartz crystal to be used in conjunction with rose essential oil for my subsequent Gemstone Facial. Carrying their own frequency, known to be amplified by such enhancements as botanicals and herbs, gems and crystals are believed by many to help harmonize our energy fields—a view that dates back centuries and spans many cultures.

With healing and wellbeing in mind, the highly professional team at this down-to-earth spa, designed these evocative gem treatments to help clear energy blockages, promote self healing, and to generally enhance that vital trifecta: mental, physical, and spiritual bliss. Harnessing the power, the beauty, and the suggestive mystery of the stones, both the massage and facial deliver a restorative experience, with lasting results.

Spas across the nation are offering unique treatments for $50 during Spa Week, April 17th to 23rd. At Yoga Yoga, The Gemstone Swedish massage and Gemstone Facial are on offer.

I’ve come to this friendly, unpretentious spa today needing grounding and calm. That’s what I receive instantly—a mood change that begins as I walk through the door. During my massage, Annie places the three prepared gems on certain chakra points, after I’ve chosen an oil for my treatment, based on the result I’m after.

I want to be composed, but not relaxed; at ease, but not in a stupor. We decide to use rose and sweet orange on most of my body, then bring me to earth with lavender on my feet. After the stellar massage (Annie has very healing hands), I notice a profound sense of calm and joy take root. I feel at one with the universe. But it’s not over yet. Next, I experience Natasha’s talents during the facial, an hour that includes deep cleaning, a rose mask, a massage—and the rose quartz deftly balanced on my third eye (the brow chakra, referring to the gate of higher consciousness). When that hour’s over, I’ve been vivified and nurtured from head to toe.

In a word full of so much external racket and that disturbing miasma of ever-drumming news, we must all hew our tranquil personal space. Such self-awareness keeps the inner golden light lit to illuminate the way. Our efforts to slough off the toxic aspects of life and to emphasize the more authentic contributes to a cleaner, healthier, kinder world.

But we can’t always triumph alone. At Yoga Yoga, a portal to wellness beckons, complete with a well trained, passionate team. Experience their salubrious attention to detail during Spa Week, April 17th to 23rd, when both these gem-based treatments will be offered at half price ($50).







Becca Hensley

Becca Hensley

Based in Austin, Contributing Editor Becca Hensley writes regularly about travel and spas. She believes a good story draws you in like laughter in a crowded room, and challenges you to do it justice. Her work appears regularly in Austin Monthly, Travel Channel, Toronto Star and National Geographic Traveler.