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What Will Be Your One Thing?

The idea is simple: If each one of us does just one thing each day to become more sustainable, the impact will be big. That’s one of the empowering takeaways from the Green Spa Network’s 10th Anniversary Congress, recently held at Carmel Valley Ranch.

Green spa aficionados left the three-day celebration energized and ready to roll with an action plan that kicks off with #justonething. Between now and Earth Day, participants pledged to do #justonething to help heal the planet.

“Inspiration was all around us, and the energy in the room was filled with optimism for the future,” enthused Tracie Ridder Wertz, Congress Committee Chair. “Participants became increasingly inspired to act.  #Justonething was proposed as a 30-day challenge, but let’s keep it going!”

#Justonething was proposed as a 30-day challenge, but let’s keep it going!

What are some good examples of #justonething? “Stop using and buying water in plastic bottles,” shared Joanna Roche, a Congress participant who initiated the #justonething action plan. “No more plastic lids (they never dissolve or leave the Earth),” posted Wertz. “Say no to disposable straws and cutlery,” advised a GSN Facebook post. #justonething

Let’s spread the word and keep the momentum going! Join the GSN community and post your daily contribution to greening the planet on Instagram and Facebook. Use the hashtags #justonething #inspireaction and #gsncongress.

Together, we truly can make a difference and realize our potential of Vital People, Vital Planet.