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The O2Chair at The Estate Yountville


Yountville Spa Opens its Doors to Wildfire First Responders

As the first resort in North America to implement the O2Chair, The Spa at The Estate Yountville has received an overwhelmingly positive response. Visionary hospitality professional Terry Prager, Executive Director of Spa & Wellness at The Estate Yountville, Hotel Villagio & Vintage House, immediately embraced the O2Chair’s ability to optimize breathing and to decrease stress while increasing energy and vitality. Prager continues to develop creative ways to introduce the benefits of the chair to spa and hotel guests, staff—and now wildfire first responders.

“The Spa at The Estate is so grateful for the work of all the first responders, not just in recent wildfires, but for always keeping the Napa Valley safe,” said  Prager. “It is with sincere gratitude that we extended an invitation to our first responders to use the spa facilities and enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating experience of a ‘Recovery Flight’ in the O2 Chair as a thank you for all their relentless hard work during the October wildfires here in the Valley.”

An increase in breathing capacity and oxygen in the body has a host of positive effects, especially for anyone whose health has been compromised in the fires. O2Chair’s specific movement up the spine encourages the “Breathe In” phase, while the “Breathe Out” phase encourages full release of the breath and discharge of toxins. The O2Pure function increases oxygen intake. The tilt and swing of the zero gravity chair improves blood circulation and promotes the “Relaxation Response,” an alpha brain wave state where the mind is confident and fully present.

“The Spa at The Estate is so grateful for the work of all the first responders, not just in recent wildfires, but for always keeping the Napa Valley safe.”

Prager has developed an O2Chair pre-treatment ritual to create a deep state of relaxation to maximize the spa treatment’s benefits. It is also available as a stand-alone treatment to encourage relaxation and mindfulness, without the cost of a therapist.

“The inventive technology encourages a deep state of relaxation in a short amount of time,” says Prager.

The benefits of the O2Chair have been clinically validated by leading Heart Coherence Specialist Dr. David O’Hare. Preliminary studies conducted by the Aix-Marseille University Bio Mechanic Laboratory in January 2017, indicate that regular sessions with the O2Chair reduced heart rate and blood pressure, while increasing physical energy and athletic performance. By generating a better oxygen supply to the cells, results show an increase in blood circulation and the parasympathetic nervous system—the body’s natural stress-reducer. Eighty-nine percent of respondents reported a reduction in stress and feelings of wellbeing within a few minutes on the O2Chair. The top four words used to describe the experience were “relaxation, pleasure, calmness and restfulness.”