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Mia Mackman, founder AZ Spa & Wellness Association (third from left), partnered with EMI Health and NFP insurance in major industry move.

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Arizona Spa & Wellness Association Leads the Way

The Arizona Spa & Wellness Association announces a new partnership with NFP and EMI Health to facilitate new statewide insurance and health benefits for the spa, wellness, and fitness industries in Arizona. This is the first insurance and health initiative in the United States created to facilitate benefits specifically for these industries. The majority of this market is made up of small businesses, independent contractors, and part-time employees. This effort is aimed at resolving rolling insurance challenges, employer costs, and rising premiums by introducing new programs to provide accessible coverage and competitive employee benefits with combined market leverage throughout Arizona.

This is the first insurance and health initiative in the United States created to facilitate benefits specifically for the spa, wellness, and fitness industries.

Spa and wellness are key components of Arizona’s hospitality industry. The tremendous growth in these industries underlines a call for increased insurance options for small business employers, employees, and independent contractors. “For many of these businesses, easing liability and risk, while improving workplace health benefits and recruiting new talent are top concerns. In time, we hope the benefits of this partnership will help circumnavigate industry challenges, level competitive advantages, and relieve some of the workforce shortages we are seeing due to lack of availability and access to comprehensive benefit options,” said Mia Mackman, Association President and Founder.

This partnership is especially well-timed to meet the industry’s need for accessible insurance options. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to extend our resources to a wider network and include an innovative and independent workforce,” said Ed Kurowski, Regional President of the Mountain States region of NFP. “We are thrilled to work with the Arizona Spa and Wellness Association on solutions to address these heavy-hitting problems facing so many people in these industries in Arizona.” This partnership opens new doors for people to explore a variety of competitive insurance programs with pool and group advantages to provide greater coverage options and support industry growth.

About the Partners

The Arizona Spa & Wellness Association (AZSpaWell) was established in 2012 to unite Arizona’s Spa and Wellness community and promote networking, information sharing, industry best practices, and vertical market growth through building great relationships.

NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant that provides employee benefits, property & casualty, retirement, and individual private client solutions through licensed subsidiaries and affiliates. NFP was ranked the fourth largest U.S.-based privately-owned broker, the fifth largest benefits broker by global revenue, and the fifth best place to work in insurance by Business Insurance.

EMI Health EMI is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1935. They offer a large variety of group medical, dental, and vision plans, both self-funded and fully-insured. Affordable dental, vision, and telemedicine plans are also available to individuals and families, including Federal Marketplace Dental Plans. They currently provide coverage for more than 330,000 people.